Reviews and Recommendations

A sampling of some of the great feedback received...

“Kristine is a very professional and highly capable consultant. She was a valued member of the team and we hope to partner with her again someday.”

— Chief Operating Officer, technology industry company

“Kristine is the kind of person who ramps up quickly on all aspects of the role, especially technical, cultural and political. She rapidly understands the dynamics of the organization, how to partner with teams and individuals and what needs to be done to deliver success. Despite large amounts of organizational change and ambiguity Kristine has brought a high level of clarity, communication, strategy and vision to her role. Not only can she quickly understand the landscape but she is able to add value quickly and in all areas of her projects and programs. She has a strong executive presence, combined with excellent management and team development skills.”

— Vice President of Project Management at a technology industry company and former Principal at Microsoft

“Kristine Campbell is a ROCKSTAR !! I am one of the lucky ones to have worked directly under her very able leadership . She is a go-getter with an amazing attitude and has the most wonderful ability to derive the best in a person. Kristine is a natural leader ; an excellent mentor and I have learnt a lot working with her for the last six months . I hope we work together again very soon.”

— Business Analytics Senior PM at Microsoft

“I worked with Kristine for about one year at Nike. We became friends quickly and I looked up to her for advice and thought leadership in the areas of project, program, and portfolio management. She has the right personality and temperament for people management. She also has a wonderful executive presence - she is poised, graceful, and well-controlled when things are tough. Kristine can be counted upon to get things done.”

— Former Director at Nike, current Director at the PGA Tour and Ojai Fellow

“Kristine is an outstanding professional which I had the pleasure to work with in a major global project. Her ability to integrate different areas from sales, marketing and engineering teams into a common objective makes her a great leader with strong communication and interpersonal skills.”

— Co-Founder of a Privacy and Compliance startup, former Microsoft Privacy and Compliance leader

“Working with Kristine and getting to know her was a great learning and a boost for my personal and professional persona. She has always inspired to me to be a go-getter when it comes to projects that are stuck and need that aggressive push to get them on track and get them completed. Be it working closely with the parties involved , be it communicating in a synchronous fashion and making the right recommendations or be it quick decision making , all this is something that I feel high about and feel fortunate to have see her demonstrate and learn from her. Lastly she is such a beautiful person at heart that it shows on the face :) Thanks Kristine cannot thank you enough for the leanings that I have got from you !”

— Business Analytics Manager at Amazon and former Technical and BI Team Lead at Avalara

“I worked with Kristine on two different programs in my team and it was a very positive experience. She is driven, clear in what she wants to accomplish, has a no-nonsense attitude and at the same time is relaxed and easy to work with. Kristine has determination and adds clarity and value to a team. She is also great at following up and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. She is always a friendly face in the office and her energy makes you want to succeed together! “

— Program Manager at Microsoft

“I don’t know what we’re going to do without you.”

— Three senior leaders at Microsoft

“Just a quick shout out to thank you for filling in and driving {the team’s} business management activities.”

— Vice President at Microsoft, on the team chat with over 100 FTEs on it